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Setracker is an parental control APP working with GPS watches, GPS tracker, for the whole family members
This App is featured with GPS postioning, Historical tracking, GEO-fence, Voice messages, video call, etc.
we are offering free and charged setracker support and share the best GPS watches and trackers from our partners
setracker function gps location


Track your child’s real-time location
The location methods have GPS, WIFI, LBS. GPS is the best with the accuracy ranging only from 5M-10M when the kids are outside the building. We suggest you order advanced devices with a GPS module included.

Always get connected

The smartwatch phone can receive two-way phone calls even without an internet connection.

Voice messages are a basic communication function, but it requires the watch and app to be internet connected.

The video call function is a new function that is only available on the 4G Android GPS watches and 4G RTOS GPS watches.

Phone call with kids anytime
setracker function gps location

SOS Button for Emergency Call

One push of button for emergency phone call
As long as the parents’ phone number is set as the default contact, your children can push one button to make the phone call. Or it can play as an emergency phone when needed.

Hear the suurounding

If they do not return your calls or if you are concerned about their situation, you can set up a hidden phone call or video to check the surroundings.


* Video monitoring only available in specific models and countries

Do not Disturb

During the class, the parents can enable the do not disturb function, so any phone calls or messages can not be received.
There is no ringing or vibration that can be heard during the class. The watch home screen will be locked so the kids cannot play with the watch.


What we can capable to do and what we are good at


A family GPS solution tracking APP

Setracker is a GPS tracking app that works with the full GPS solution for all family members. It has GPS kid watches and senior GPS health monitoring watches, as well as pet GPS trackers.

Setracker is a free app that works with many different devices with different functions. Some of them are cheap and only have basic functions, which are phone calls and LBS functions. Some of them are advanced and have the latest functionality. For example , 4G LTE GPS watches with video calls.

Besides that, we also offer an APP OEM and ODM customization service. Our partners can customize the Setracker app with their own brand or integrate the devices on  their own server.

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