Set up your watch, get Setracker support

30 Days

it is the best choice if you only need the IMEI reset

Free Support


√ 1 IMEI for Unlimited setting

√  IMEI number required

√  All personal info sent by email

√  Review Service required

365 Days

it is the best choice if you need watch setup support

9.99 USD/Year


√ 10 IMEI for unlimited reset

√  Free ads service support

√ Watch setup support

√ Secured payment

VIP Support

it is the best choice if you want premium support

99.99 USD/Lifetime

√  Unlimited IMEI for unlimited settings without any time limit

√ Livechat support on WhatsApp

√ Watch setup support

√ Free advice for GPS Watch selection

Let us support you!

If you have any questions about setracker technical support,  payment method or refund of payment, please send us an email. Your email will be replied in 12 hours in working days